Bringing the power of Microsoft® Exchange Server together with the mobility of SMS, comes in an intelligent and unique corporate messaging software solution: the Enterprise SMS Connector.

SMSGlobal, through partnering with BNS Group, now offer a new level of SMS messaging integration for large corporations and government organisations.

The Enterprise SMS Connector (msXsms) is designed to perfectly complement your existing Microsoft® Exchange installation by extending the platform by including the power and flexibility of SMS:

all with seamless integration and a simple, single-install rollout.

The Enterprise SMS Connector also works with any SMTP email system allowing Business applications and any email client to send and receive SMS messages with enterprise level controls and security.



Key Features

✔ Seamless integration and a simple, single-install rollout
✔ Connect to SMSGlobal’s SMSC via secure SMPP connection
✔ Easy integration of business applications across multiple business units
✔ Duplicate message detection and filtering
✔ Bulk SMS via XML file interface
✔ Support for 2 way SMS including inbound SMS routing controls and auto responders
✔ Email Protective Marking Compliance for Government in accordance with the Defence Information Security Manual
✔ Automated disclaimers for SPAM compliance
✔ Production and disaster recovery capabilities
✔ Comprehensive reporting capabilities directly from SQL Server including ad hoc reports and graphs
✔ Microsoft Exchange routing group controls to manage failover for disaster recovery




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Integration made easy

No plugins or extra add-ons are needed in order to send SMS directly from Exchange. Instead, the power of msXsms hinges on its email-based nature, as msXsms integrates directly to Microsoft® Exchange Server via SMTP Connectors without installing any software on your Exchange Server. Any business application which is already configured to work with Microsoft® Exchange Server is now able to leverage the benefits of integrated SMS through msXsms.

The seamless integration offered by msXsms means that automated SMS communication can be generated from existing applications, negating the need for extensive integration projects using proprietary APIs. The result is communication without limits: easy, fast and direct.

Microsoft Exchange Server



Security and Audit controls


Having control over SMS through Exchange/Active Directory and msXsms means your business can leverage existing internal cost centres and produce subsequent SMS traffic reports, allowing for full auditing and compliance purposes.

Intelligent message routing to SMSGlobal production and DR sites provides your organisation with redundancy in mobile messaging communication. If a SMPP connection fails, msXsms will automatically attempt to re-connect to SMSGlobal using DNS for alternate routes to SMSGlobal’s DR SMSC.
By leveraging Active Directory and your Exchange server, msXsms utilises existing security controls provided by Active Directory and Exchange, your SMS communication remains centralised – linking to your organisation’s address lists and public folder contacts.





Technological specifications and standards compliance

  • Integrates with Microsoft® Exchange (2007, 2010 & 2013)
  • Integrates with any SMTP Email messaging platform
  • Powered by Microsoft® Windows 2008R2 or Windows Server 2012
  • Windows Servers can be Virtual machines
  • Microsoft® SQL server 2005, 2008 or 2008R2 or SQL2012. SQL Express also supported
  • Automatic Microsoft® Outlook integration through Microsoft® Exchange
  • Security access controlled via Active Directory Security Group membership
  • Information Security Manual (ISM) compliance design objectives means msXsms meets Australian Government standards for Email Protective Marking (EPM), audit and network separation.




SMSGlobal server




Proven Success: A Suncorp and GIO Insurance Case Study

SuncorpFollowing the numerous natural disasters that befell many Australian regions over the course of 2010, general insurers Suncorp became rapidly aware of a need for a more efficient system of communication with clients to help quickly and efficiently process insurance claims. To further complicate matters, many flood and storm victims had lost paperwork, had no access to computers, and were at the mercy of a majorly disrupted postal mail system.

Using msXsms to manage direct SMS contact with disaster affected customers, Suncorp & GIO Insurance were able to manage claims processing for tens of thousands of cases. Each month, approximately 24,000 SMS were sent during the height of the floods enabling the quickest and easiest way for Suncorp & GIO Insurance to communicate claims progress with customers, while strengthening satisfactions levels with minimal outlay.

Given the previous success of the system, the use of msXsms is now on track to expand to millions of messages every year across the Suncorp group.

msXsms is a registered trademark of Better Network Services Group, a technology partner of SMSGlobal.

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