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How do you send an SMS online?

The MXT Video Academy offers users a selection of interactive video guides, designed to explore the powerful benefits that MXT has to offer. Learn how to manage your contact groups, create and send SMS campaigns, adjust your account settings or simply integrate with our broad range of API’s. Our insightful videos will help prepare you with step-by-step instructions on how to send an SMS online and get the most out of your MXT experience.



Managing Contacts

Learn more about our contact management tools, designed to help you whip your contacts into shape. Here you can find tutorials on how to manage your contacts, send messages to new or existing contact groups, import contacts to your MXT account or learn how to prepare your data for campaign use.


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Sending Campaigns

Discover how easy it is to get sending with our user-friendly campaign manager. Deliver complex campaigns with little fuss, freeing you up to focus on other challenges. Here you will find information on merge sending from your excel document as well as information on creating and sending an SMS campaign using our SMS messaging platform, MXT.

Merge send using formatted excel docs in MXT


Create and Send a Campaign in MXT

Managing your Account

Customise your mobile messaging experience with a friendly and secure interface. Here you will find information on how to set up your MXT account and adjust your settings as required. Also benefit from API functionality with a users guide to establishing your Email-to-SMS API.

Overview of account Settings

Setting Up Email to SMS in MXT


Using our API

Looking to add powerful messaging to your marketing strategy? Our range of robust, scalable and secure SMS API’s have been developed in-house to ensure a reliable and high-throughput solution for your mobile messaging needs. Discover how you can integrate with an SMS API today.

Integrate with API




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