How high are your email open rates?

10%? 20%? No no, we know yours are great… 50% right? We’ve all been there, engagement isn’t what it should be. Getting attention in a new world with evolving media channels, it’s tough. Tougher than we all thought it would be. Today, people are bombarded by marketing messages – even on their phones. Making yours stand out is, well, difficult to say the least. Even the most well planned and executed campaigns have a high chance of failure.

Benefit from SMS

What if we told you there is a way to achieve a 98% open rate on your messages? That’d be crazy huh? Not so. Welcome to the world of SMS marketing. It’s beautiful here, messages are almost guaranteed to make it to the end user. It’s the next best thing to having a face-to-face conversation. Even Coca Cola spend 70% of their mobile budget on SMS.

Mobile is the future of digital, and at the centrepiece of mobile is SMS. Without SMS, you don’t have mobile locked down. Below we’ll give you just a small taste of what SMS can deliver, and this is just the tip of the iceberg.



Advertised Numbers & Competitions

One of the most popular forms of SMS marketing is putting a dedicated short or long code on promotional material. These dedicated numbers allow you to advertise your number and ask potential customers to send in responses, for example, to join a mailing list or enter a competition. This strategy has been used to great success by FMCG and consumer goods companies.



The old time classic, coupons. They’ve been around since the dawn of time and have been a clever marketing tactic used, by well, pretty much everyone ever. That’s because they work…not. Well they used to. Today, people receive specials daily through their email inbox. So much so that any discount these days gets lost or filtered. Send them an SMS. Let them redeem it in store, online, on the phone, however they choose. Have your message arrive in the same place communications from all their friends and family do, without all the clutter. STAND OUT.




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Content Marketing & Marketing Automation

Arguably two of the biggest marketing revolutions of our time, particularly if you are a B2B marketer. TV advertising effectiveness is plummeting and trade shows are delivering less than they promise. Today customers want content of value, and they want it to be personalised. Adding SMS to your automation flow will help boost engagement and make you stand out. Message your customers about that next great content piece that is specifically relevant to their interests and stage in the funnel.


Multi-Channel Engagement

Like all communication channels, the value of SMS is maximised in tandem with others. For example, Email and SMS has proved to be a great combination, increasing email open rates by telling customers they have an important message waiting. However, no matter what mediums you are currently using, SMS provides strong support to break through the clutter.





URL Links

Mobile marketing is a growing beast. Every year mobile becomes a more powerful channel. In 2014, mobile advertising revenue increased over 50% and by 2018, it is set to be a $60 billion dollar industry. The mobile web is a key component of this growth. If your site or promotion isn’t mobile optimised, you’re missing out. The best part about SMS? You can send URL links direct to your mobile landing pages. Watch your conversion rates soar like a bird.

Real World Example

A clients of ours is a main player in the takeaway pizza market, which is traditionally rife with discounting and aggressive sales promotions. With over 100 stores nationwide and a significant customer database in play, a new strategy was required in order to prize away market share from other dominant competitors in the market.

The Solution?

The solution was simple. SMS marketing. SMS campaigns over the course of 12-months were a huge success. At the end of the campaign, tracked sales through the use of mobile coupons were up 150% over other marketing channels. A truly incredible result that overall has help to contributed greatly to the franchises bottom line growth and success.




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