Complete MXT Upgrade!

Our MobileWorks platform has reached the end of its lifespan and has been discontinued as of February 1st, 2016. All remaining MobileWorks accounts have automatically been transitioned to our new MXT platform.

To login and resume service as usual on the new platform, all customers are required to complete the transition process and update their login details by following the ‘Reset Password’ links on this page. This will require you to enter the email address associated with your account.

Should you have forgotten your account email address, please contact our Customer Care Team. All customer data such as your address book and message history has been retained.

MXT’s benefits

Based on extensive customer feedback, we’ve worked hard to develop a platform that is more user friendly, feature rich and easier to understand. Since our launch in 2007, we’ve listened and we’ve learned, MXT represents a customer focused SMSGlobal and a platform to take SMS into the future.

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Every account comes jam packed with features, designed to let you do more.

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Increased Security

With security front of mind, MXT has been built from the ground up on a standardized and industry leading development framework that increases the level protection surrounding customer data.

Powerful Reporting

Powerful Reporting

We’ve seriously enhanced the reporting capabilities. The days of being unsure of the success of your campaign are gone. MXT provides powerful reporting to give you a deeper level of insight.


User Interface

We listened to feedback and reimagined the entire user interface from scratch. We’ve made common tasks easier and made the platform more intuitive, creating a better user experience to save you time and money.

Quicker Faster

Quicker Faster

Not only is the platform easier to use, our software and hardware resources have been increased and optimized, resulting in faster load times and giving MXT a significant edge over its older counterpart.

Schedule and Stagger

Schedule & Stagger

Want to send messages in batches or schedule a time in future to get your message out? Not a problem. MXT has advanced tools to let you send when you want and how you want.


Account Customisation

We’ve simplified how you buy and introduced pricing tiers to let you customise and get more from your account. This represents greater value for money and more flexibility.

And that just scratches the surface. Standard features include…



Plus premium features…

Campaign Manager
Keyword Manager
Sub Accounts
Permission Control
Custom Branding
Schedule & Stagger


How do I upgrade?

Simply click on the upgrade now button to the right. The process is incredibly simple and takes less than a minute. You’ll have the opportunity to review our revised terms and conditions and enhance the security of your account with our new authentication process.

From now on you will be required to use your email address as your log in credentials. Your email address will be verified and therefore may only be used for one SMSGlobal account. Please make sure your email address is not currently associated with multiple SMSGlobal accounts before upgrading as this will affect your ability to upgrade.

Further information is available on our knowledge base regarding the upgrade process.

Once upgraded you’ll be able to send and receive messages right away! If you encounter any issues or would like to provide feedback you can do so to:

Complete MXT Upgrade!



What about my existing credit?

The number of SMS credits you currently have in your MobileWorks account will automatically be converted to the equivalent amount of funds in MXT. This means you will automatically be placed on our Freestyle access tier and given enough credit to send the same amount of messages to your default country as you had available in MobileWorks. For full details of MXT features and pricing tiers please visit here.

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API Customers

Should you be one of our many customers utilising an API, the upgrade process will require you to update your API key to gain access to our systems. Please locate the API Keys tab under the Tools menu once you have successfully updated your account.

Should you require any help or have additional queries regarding this process, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

But I’m not ready for MXT yet

Unfortunately we can no longer support two web platforms. For us to be able to continue to deliver the very best service possible to all our customers, MobileWorks needs to be discontinued. Should your organisation need additional support to manage this transition before February 1st, 2016 please contact our Customer Care Team who can assist you in making a smooth transition.