Business SMS Messaging

Why use SMS for your Business?


In a digital age where mobile is king and SMS reins supreme, it has never been easier for businesses to connect with their customers… using the right platform of course. That’s why our focus here at SMSGlobal is to provide organisations with access to mobile messaging solutions that enable them to grow their client base and connect with users all over the world.

Whether you’re sending a single message notification to an important client, or a bulk SMS blast to millions, we specialise in tailored solutions to suit your business SMS needs. Our competitive pricing, matched with our reliable service has allowed us to be the SMS provider of choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

With over 100,000 happy customers, spanning across all corners of the globe, our focus is simple… to deliver your message to the world.


How Can Business SMS benefit you?

SMS has fast become one of the most reliable and influential communications mediums in the market today. With over 5.5 billion mobile users globally, sending over 8.3 trillion messages a year, getting your message across is now easier than ever before. No matter the industry, or their focus, organisations across the globe are beginning to capitalise on the benefits SMS has to offer. Use SMS to help your business increase its consumer reach, improve your interactions with customers and grow their engagement with your brand. Make SMS work for you, and give your users something to smile about.

Business SMS Instant Deliverability

Instant Deliverability

Instant deliverability means instant communication. Send out confirmation messages for appointments, updates or alerts directly to your users. Remember, 95% of SMS content is opened within the first 3 minutes of being sent. Talk to your customers today.

Business SMS Consumer Engagement

Consumer Engagement

Don’t just talk to your customers, have them talk to you! Create promotions, discounts & marketing campaigns. Remember, communication is a two-way street, create innovative ways to engage with your customers and get a response via 2 Way SMS.

Efficient Business SMS

Resource Rewards

Save time and save money by connecting with your customers via SMS. Forget about expensive and ineffective communication channels. Go with a system that ensures your message will be seen as soon as it’s sent, without breaking your budget.


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SMS for Business

Create. Engage. Grow.

In a world where consumer choice is more powerful than ever before, ensuring your message cuts through all the noise and reaches your customer has never been more important. That’s why SMSGlobal was built on a foundation of experience and knowledge, developed by a team of mobile messaging specialists, hand-picked to help drive ROI for your business.

Partnering with us gives you access to a number of tools and interfaces that allow your business to benefit from the powerful communication medium of SMS. You can send an SMS within minutes using our web messaging platform.

Using the platform, you can send and receive SMS, hold contacts, manage campaigns and run powerful reports that show you how SMS is performing for your business.

If you want to automate or trigger your business SMS through your existing applications, we can assist you with a number of flexible and powerful API integration options.


SMS solutions have endless possibilities, including

Business SMS Notifications


Business SMS Marketing


Business SMS Reminders


Business SMS Confirmations


Business SMS Enquiries


Business SMS Monitoring


  Business SMS Alerts

SMS Alerts & Notifications

Sometimes things just don’t go to plan. That’s why it’s import to have a non-invasive line of communication with your customers, one that’s flexible and allows them their privacy, yet is direct and reliable and ensures your message cuts through.

Use SMS Alerts & Notifications to automate communication and increase business efficiencies with your customers. Send appointment alerts or schedule notification reminders – tools designed to improve the efficiency of your workflow and keep you connected with your customers.

“There is a High Alert for storm warnings in your area. Please take the necessary precautions.”


SMS Marketing

What better way to alert your customers to time-sensitive marketing campaigns than with a medium of communication used by over 5.5 billion people, globally.

Use business SMS marketing tools to create engaging and interactive marketing campaigns, re-initiate relationships with old clients, strengthen loyalty programs, drive traffic online, and heighten engagement, all through the power of SMS.

“20% off EVERYTHING! Flash sale 3 days only! Offer ends Dec 7th. Shop in store @ for an extra 10% off on your first purchase! – To opt out reply SMS STOP.”

Marketing SMS for Business

No commitments, no contracts, just simple business SMS.

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SMS Reminders for Business

SMS Reminders

In a digital age where technological efficiency is the key to reaching your customers, it can sometimes be a struggle just to get heard. Why not capitalise on the power and functionality of SMS and send a reminder to your customers?

Use SMS Reminders to schedule and automate messages through our innovative Web SMS Platform (MXT). Remind customers to top up their account, attend their appointment or even claim a discount.

“Westlake Healthcare: You have an appt. with Dr Smith. Mon Oct 20th @2:30pm. To confirm txt Yes. To Decline txt No. Txt Help 4 further assistance”.

SMS Confirmations

Is your business suffering from customer no-shows or last minute cancellations? Are you having to spend valuable resources contacting clients to alert them to appointment or confirmation times?

Use SMS Confirmations Reminders – automated through keyword triggers and 2 Way SMS integration – to confirm appointment times, demonstrate transactions of purchase, present account details, and relay any other important information directly to your customers mobile device.

“Hi Hellen, thank you for shopping with us. You order (#108693) has now been confirmed and will be dispatched shortly”.

Business SMS Confirmations
Business SMS Enquiries

SMS Enquiries

No matter the time of day, or the requirement, SMS can provide a solution to match almost any of your daily needs. Why not use business SMS as a tool to help respond to customer queries?

Leverage the power of automated responses, triggers and keywords. Allow your customers the ability to request and access important time-sensitive information on the go, no matter the requirements.

“Hi Peter, your new password is provided below. Please contact our Customer Care team if you require any more assistance. Enjoy your shopping”


SMS Monitoring

It can be difficult to stay on top of all your business affairs, especially those that require around the clock attention. Stop wasting precious resources behind a desk, increase the efficiency of your business and reduce your overheads with SMS.

Use SMS monitoring to help with real-time information, using our keyword functionality and message triggers to automate and respond to critical infrastructure thresholds.

“Hi Alex, your account balance is currently running low and is below your set threshold of $20. If you wish to top up you can simply do it here.”

SMS for Business Monitoring

Enjoy the benefits of SMS for your business, today!

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