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Our SMS gateway centers around security, performance and reliability. For the past decade, SMSGlobal has partnered with organisations all over the globe to develop innovative mobile messaging solutions that drive revenue growth and deliver outstanding results for our Enterprise clients.

Our commitment to providing first class products and services is reflected in our global reach, industry-leading service level agreements and dedication to ensuring our SMS technology is used to place clients at the forefront of their fields.

Delivering Results

With direct connections to multiple mobile carriers around the world, our proprietary carrier-grade SMS gateway offers unsurpassed service quality and security to our Enterprise clients and partners. Over 98% of the world’s mobile networks are accessible via the SMSGlobal gateway, allowing you to consolidate all your global messaging requirements with one vendor.

Business SMS

Global Connectivity

Benefit from SMSGlobal’s direct relationships with global mobile carriers around the world, backed by our geographically distributed infrastructure and industry-leading web messaging platform.

Business SMS Solutions

Flexible & Scalable

SMSGlobal’s intelligent SMS routing system provides a powerful messaging architecture that is scalable to thousands of messages per second. Using bulk SMS you can instantly meet the evolving needs of your messaging requirements.

SMS Gateway API Integration

Easy Integration

We understand that every client is unique. Our industry experience and skilled staff will ensure a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure via an API connection.

Premium SMS Solutions

Quality to the Core

Benefit from real-time reporting, allowing you to track your message from inception to the handset. Should you encounter any difficulties, our 24/7 hotline and dedicated account managers are on-hand to troubleshoot.

Business SMS Gateway

Peace of Mind

Trust SMSGlobal to share expertise and advice from the earliest stages of planning through to the implementation and delivery of your project. Once your solutions are up and running, technical assistance is always on-hand.

Business SMS Gateway

24/7 Monitoring

Rely on SMSGlobal’s round the clock monitoring of connectivity to carriers, with message throughput and delivery performance tracked by a proprietary routing system that responds dynamically to any delivery issues.

Built for Enterprise

Your Command & Control Centre

SMSGlobal’s Enterprise product suite offers large organisations the ability to seamlessly roll-out new mobile messaging solutions to their global customer base, and flexibly scale these upwards as demand grows. Our Enterprise customers will have access to a number of advanced web interface design features customised to suit your business environment.

  • Advanced Messaging Interface
  • Advanced Cost-Centre / Department Reporting
  • Seamless Application Integration
  • Campaign Management Tools
  • Enterprise Level User Management
  • Dedicated Opt-Out / Spam Compliance Tools.
  • Exportable Heat-Map Reporting

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Premium SMS Platform

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API Integration

With the power of SMS at your fingertips, communicate directly and cost-effectively with employees and customers around the world.

One of the primary advantages of partnering with SMSGlobal is our powerful and flexible integration options, enabling your business to integrate mobile messaging seamlessly into its day-to-day operations. API’s give our Enterprise customers the capacity to integrate SMS into all facets of their business – applications, websites, intranets, CRM’s, ERP’s and other corporate software – providing a real-time messaging capability in existing corporate applications.

Our team of mobile messaging specialists has years of experience integrating complex messaging requirements into existing corporate ecosystems. The development team will consult with you to understand your needs and tailor a solution, using a secure web interface connected to your existing systems.

SMPP API Integration


HTTP-2_WAY-HTTP API Integration


Rest API Integration


Soap API Integration


email 2 SMS API Integration

Email 2 SMS

OMS API Integration


Performance Matters

A robust system architecture and specialist network technicians ensure the SMSGlobal network is always operating at peak efficiency. Our team of dedicated account managers and support staff are on standby to ensure our system continues to service the evolving needs of your business.

Dedicated Global Support

Regular and consistent communication is essential to any successful business relationship. Our dedicated support technicians build a relationship with an account that allows them to fully assist clients with issues relating to bespoke platforms, custom API’s and custom message routing, in order to ensure our clients have all the support they need for their messaging requirements. That’s why we assign each of our Enterprise level clients a personal account manager, to ensure we provide them with a high level of personal service, designed to meet and exceed their business requirements.

Never feel like you’re in the dark. Benefit from our range of support functions, depending on your level of requirement:

Dedicated Account Managers

Specialists dedicated specifically to your organization and are able to field any of your support queries or needs.

Customer Care Account Team

Contact us from anywhere in the world and speak with one of our friendly support team members who are always eager to help with whatever issues or queries you may have.

MXT Video Academy

Our tutorial videos provide a step-by-step guide to setup, send bulk SMS and manage API connections within your MXT account.

Knowledge Base

Giving you comprehensive information about our platform and how to make the most out of it.

Robust System Architecture

SMSGlobal employs a distributed architecture with no single point of failure, backed by 99.99% service availability SLA’s, allowing you to meet your most mission-critical application requirements.

The architecture’s real-time design delivers consistent millisecond response latency with the ability to service tens of thousands of transactions per second. Multiple load balancing, coupled with the ability to add nodes to a running cluster with zero downtime enables almost unlimited scalability to handle your most unpredictable workloads.

The benefits of SMSGlobal have been realised in the most demanding environments, across a diverse range of industry verticals including healthcare, finance and hospitality.

SMS Gateway Architecture

Performance You Can Trust

Your privacy and security are paramount, that’s why we ensure a scrupulous focus on network monitoring and security, coupled with continuously delivering reliable and high-throughput performance.


SMSGlobal employs 24/7 monitoring of connectivity to carriers, including real-time throughput monitoring. Any issues relating to route performance are detected as they occur, and switched within a fraction of a second to ensure no downtime occurs for our clients.

Business Continuity & Disaster Control

Redundancy and disaster recovery capabilities are paramount to allow SMSGlobal to offer 99.9% service availability SLAs. SMSGlobal conducts planned annual testing of the Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans in all business critical systems which may directly or indirectly impact any client.

PCI DSS Compliance

As an SMS gateway to many trusted financial institutions around the world, SMSGlobal is subject to standards imposed on the industry by major card issuers such as Visa and MasterCard. SMSGlobal is externally audited regularly to ensure PCI DSS Compliance.

Access Control

Using multiple layers of Access Control to positively identify a staff member, SMSGlobal only allows users access to core areas of your account if they have a genuine business requirement and are authorised as part of their position responsibilities.

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