Outlook SMS

The Microsoft Outlook SMS Service allows you to configure your SMSGlobal settings to send from Microsoft Outlook.

The Outlook SMS plugin allows you to manage SMS messages just like emails – save drafts, view sent items, print messages. The plugin also allows you to receive SMS replies back to your mobile phone or Microsoft Outlook inbox (no dedicated number required), schedule messages for later delivery (Microsoft Office 2007 only), auto redirect important messages and send SMS reminders and next day calendar summaries

✔ No software installation required
✔ Configure your Outlook in minutes
✔ Full Outlook functionality
✔ Use Microsoft Outlook speller and proofing tools


Let’s Get You Started

We’ve made it simple for you to send text messages from your outlook or email client. All you need to do is log into your MXT account and select your preferred email client. This video demonstrates how simple the Email to SMS setup process is once you have registered your account.

You can also find step by step documentation guides for setting up your client using:

Outlook 2007
Outlook 2010

Alternatively, you can find out more about other Email to SMS clients in our support section.


Benefit from Outlook SMS

Integration with Outlook enables you to streamline your business strategy by centralising multiple communication mediums in a single platform. As a result it has never been easier to send a text message from your outlook or email client. There are a range of benefits for doing so, which include:

Sharing The Load

Outlook SMS can be accessed by multiple users from varying accounts, depending on your account configuration. Simply add compatible user addresses through your MXT platform in the Account Settings.

Save Time & Resources

There is no need to change platforms or train extra staff to use new software. Our online SMS solution is as simple to use as Microsoft’s Outlook programs.

Simplify Your SMS Communication

It’s as simple as sending a standard email. You’ll be able to simply log into your email account from any platform and send your messages… it’s really that easy.

Keeping You In the Know

Following the successful delivery of your message, a report will then be forwarded on to your email address along with any responses from recipients for further evaluation and management.

Centralising Communication

Centralise and manage all your communications to your email address, filing and controlling content via your Outlook.

Support You Can Count On

If you do run into any hurdles and require help with Email to SMS or setting up your Email to SMS gateway, our Customer Care team are here to support you 24/7.


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Real World Example

A well know client of ours in the retail industry was looking to optimise their marketing and sales campaigns, focusing on not only improving engagement levels and open rates of material – but also introducing a platform which would accelerate and simplify many of the time-consuming and tedious tasks they were required to perform weekly.

Their traditional approach of sending marketing and sales messages via email was resulting in extremely poor open rates, responses and engagement levels, while direct mail was also yielding Disappointing results.

As a result, they came to SMSGlobal in search of an easy solution that would help improve engagement levels of their marketing content, while also reducing the staff hours lost to managing the tasks.

By utilising one of our out-of-the-box API solutions, SMSGlobal was able to integrate Email to SMS functionality into our client’s Microsoft Outlook.

Microsoft Outlook SMS

Outlook SMS - Email to SMS

They are now able to send tailored bulk SMS marketing campaigns to thousands of their customers directly, all with the simple click of a button. Messages are sent out using a dedicated number provided by SMSGlobal, straight to the recipient’s handset, allowing customers (when applicable) two-way workflow (reply ‘Yes’ to confirm or ‘No’ to reschedule). This gives their recipients an easy way to instantly confirm their interest in an upcoming sales event or marketing campaign.

The responses from customers are then filtered by SMSGlobal, based on these keywords, and pushed out in real-time to our clients email inbox to be reviewed and sorted. They are then able to follow up customer’s enquiries or responses, proving individual attention if required.

The introduction of Outlook SMS had had a positive impact for our client, significantly improving marketing and sales driving campaigns.

They are now using SMS in other areas of the business including internal scheduling, communication and rostering. It’s great to see the positive impact SMS can have for organisations of all shapes and sizes.


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