Business SMS Solutions

When off-the-shelf won’t do

With years of experience building innovative mobile messaging portals, customised applications and intuitive mobile plugins, our broad range of expertise can help find the SMS solutions that will drive revenue growth and deliver outstanding results.

SMSGlobal has worked with some of the world’s leading companies to custom engineer bespoke SMS solutions across a variety of industries. No matter how complex your development environment, we are able to work with your business to add the flexibility and power of SMS messaging into your new or existing product.

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Business SMS Solutions

Bespoke Platforms

Customised Just For You

We not only build, sell and deploy world-class systems, we can help you to do the same. From sales through to support, we live and breathe mobile technology and have helped countless customers integrate messaging technology into their own environments.

Whether you require a custom branded web messaging portal, or a plugin to add SMS functionality to your existing software, our extensive experience in mobile development enables us to build and deploy successful business SMS solutions to meet your specific requirements.

  • Advanced Messaging Options.
  • Customised Web Messaging Portal.
  • 24/7 Global Support.

If you’re interested in learning more about custom software plugins or bespoke applications then talk to a member of our mobile family today.


Ideas Built From The Ground Up

Our experience working in customer environments on hundreds of innovative mobile campaigns has allowed us to form our own matrix of best practice methodologies. These insights will give you the confidence to undertake your latest mobile project and the skills to ensure it succeeds.

Our team has extensive experience consulting for organisations ranging from SME to Enterprise level, with particular expertise in the banking, logistics, healthcare, and technology sectors. No matter the challenge, our focus is on delivering practical results and equipping our clients with the SMS solution needed to optimise their mobile business strategy.

  • Confidential Insights.
  • Expert Knowledge of Best Business Practices.
  • Industry Specific Mobile Messaging Solutions.

Whether you’re seeking advice on developing a new mobile strategy, a consultation regarding the design and execution of a specific campaign, or simply guidance regarding mobile marketing best practice, our team of mobile messaging specialists are always happy to assist.

SMS Business Solutions


SMS Solutions

Platform Integration

Plug In & Get Sending

Platform integration plays a key role in enabling existing applications or systems to utilise the power of SMS messaging. Customer relationship management tools, e-commerce platforms and other systems can be integrated into our gateway. This in turn provides a one-click SMS solution that adds huge potential gains in workflow efficiency and customer engagement for your business.

Experience a seamless transition when integrating SMS messaging into your existing CRM or eCommerce platform using our range of robust, scalable, and secure APIs. Each API has been developed in-house to ensure a reliable and high-throughput solution for your business messaging needs.

  • CRM or eCommerce Compatibility.
  • Scalable & Robust Design.
  • Seamless Application Integration.

Interested in learning more? Talk to a member of our team today.